• LTL sourcing
  • Full load sourcing
  • Short buy assistance
  • Daily truck updates via GPS
  • 24/7 access to reps
  • Regional purchasing
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Contract pricing
  • Full line of fruits,
  • Vegetables and eggs

We feel 100-percent confident saying, “If you give Bonsai Produce a shot, we will be business partners forever.” We pride ourselves in our 100-percent customer retention rate since the start of the company.



We do business how it should be done!


Bonsai Produce is a full-service produce broker that takes a unique approach on servicing customers. My staff and I have built this company on our core value of customer service. We pride ourselves on cultivating a personalized business relationship with each of our customers and approach it as a true partnership.

We treat every order and every customer with care and concern. Our staff and owner will do “whatever it takes” to make sure our customers are more than satisfied with every aspect of the company.

Let us show you the “Bonsai Produce partnership difference.” We all know hard it is to find a produce vendor that you can trust; a company that doesn’t bust an order when the market jumps, doesn’t take action when a truck falls out, or doesn’t help cover losses when a truck cuts product and leaves your business covering at a higher local price. We take all these things personally and make sure you don’t feel left holding the bag. We will do “whatever it takes!”