We take food safety seriously! At Bonsai Produce, we share this passionate dedication to providing safe fruits and vegetables and we work diligently to meet your high standards. The primary focus of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is to reduce the risk of contamination during the growing cycle.

  • Our partners’ GAP standards are based on FDA and USDA guidelines.
  • Prior to planting, all ranches are assessed for food safety risks and are monitored throughout the growing season.
  • All growers are required to complete an extensive food safety training prior to growing products.
  • Our partners require microbiological analysis testing of the irrigation water.
  • All pesticides used must be in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, and are subject to periodic testing.
  • Our partners employ state-of-the-art harvesting equipment, designed specifically for effective sanitation and reduction of potential cross contamination.
  • Harvest crews are audited on a frequent basis by all of our partners and are audited regularly by independent, third-party auditors.
  • For tracking purposes, all raw product is coded with the field, lot, harvesting crew, date, and time of harvest.